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I felt very vulnerable and exposed, my bottom pushed out and legs spread.
“Ann will give you your punishment now“, Alysia told me.
Ann caressed my bottom.
“I see Alysia gave you a good hard spanking.
” She ran her fingers over the welts left by the cane and the bruises that had been contributed by the bath brush.
“Such a hot, sore bottom.
I’m afraid that your spanking is not quite over” she said regretfully.
“I’m going to have to give you a whipping.
The room is sound proofed so you may cry as loudly as you want.
” Ann brought the whip down hard across my ass.
The whip across the cane welts was especially painful and I cried out. Bonnielynn iphone sex online video.
She continued to whip me, giving the strokes slowly and very hard.
The whipping seemed to go on a long time as I cried out after each stroke.
After she had given me twenty strokes she stopped.
She said, she feels very sorry for me that I have invited 20 strokes more, 10 for seeing the Alysia’s face and 10 for the women in front of her my cock sprung out.
She administered me those 20 strokes very hardly and fastly on my hips and upper part of thigh.
After she had given twenty strokes, she hung the whip on a hook on the spanking bench.
I heard the squish of the KY as she lubed the dildo.
“Now I want you to relax and take it for me or I’m going to have to give you more whip.
” She pressed the tip of the dildo against my anus.
Come on, honey.
Relax and take it for me.
If you don’t I’m going to have to spank you” she told me as she gently pushed the dildo forward.
“Push that bottom up a little for me.
” I did as I was told, but I was still tight. Sweetpoisoon live sex chating in tamil.

Sweetpoisoon live sex chating in tamil.
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