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He no longer cared of the pain that he would inflict upon them.
His own desires to strong to hold back.

He would tie them, bind them.
Caress the stretched out bodies, play with them, gag them.
Hearing only her voice, smelling only her scent, he would use them for hours.
He would bind their breast tight, pinching and pulling at the nipples, sucking them, biting them, watching as they grew hard from his torment, some nights he would use his belt, the marks that he left did very little to ease his own hunger. Byyrlesk south african gay video chat.
His cock hard he would rub it over the gagged mouths of his beautiful slaves, the lips soft and sweet, if they had not been so tightly gagged he would have rammed his cock in the opening and fucked it till his cum hit the back of their throats.
But they looked so wonderful all tied and gagged, and he knew where he would finish at.
With out her this was his only avenue his only means of sanity.
Taking their ass, spreading them wide as he used the hole for his dark pleasure, his cock deep inside of them he would scream for her, grabbing their waist he would thrust hard into them pulling them toward him, his cock hard and throbbing, his screams turning into guttural animal sounds as he let go of everything sane. Vianora www sex usa 18girls.

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