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The idea that it had been my sister who had returned alone had been playing (not un-liked) on my mind especially during the small hours when I hoped for another episode, maybe even the chance to reciprocate.
It was Thursday evening and I was taking a shower.
I was pretty much in a world of my own letting the hot water cascade over me.
My mind and my cock were, for once, behaving and I was lost in my reverie when I caught a movement in the corner of my vision.
It was a reflection in the steamed-up mirror above the sink and I twisted around oblivious to my naked state.
My mom was folding a fresh towel onto the radiator beside the door. Ts-horsecock masterbate webcam free no register.
Mom! I complained like any wannabe adult would.
I twisted back covering my genitalia in my hands and embarrassingly aware that my ass was on display through the wet glass.
Oh baby, it isn’t as if I never saw it before.
she laughed lightly, Sure, didn’t I see it before you! she exited the room laughing pulling the door closed behind her.
Mothers! You can’t live without them, I muttered to myself.
I grabbed some shower gel from the hook beneath the glass shelf in the shower cubicle and began to lather up my torso.
Slowly and methodically I cleansed my body leaving my cock and balls till last.
As usual my penis began to swell in anticipation till I poured a fresh amount of gel into my hand and worked into my pubes.
My eyes were halfclosed as my length hardened and I massaged my balls.
This time I was keeping a casual eye on the door when I saw it open slowly in the mirror behind me. Violetatits19 live cam show.

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