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Now fuck my ass! she demanded.
I knelt behind her and slowly pressed my slick throbbing member against her soaking wet sphincter.
She opened up and gradually accepted my cock until I was fucking her ass in full rhythm as my pantyclad balls slapped against her wet puss drenching my balls in the tight panties as I fucked her.
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Soon after I fell asleep still wearing the sodden panties.
When I woke up Amy was looking at me & smiling.
I started to remove the panties while still under the covers, but she quickly stopped me saying; What do you think your doing? Taking these panties off.
I replied.
Oh, I don’t think so.
She retorted as she held out several Polaroid photographs of me lying on her bed wearing nothing but her sheer wet panties, my wilted cock no longer impressive inside the sheer material and red painted toenails! I gulped as I looked at them.
I swung my feet out from under the covers and looked at my bright red toenails. Allyssonhot bad cam girls.

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