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He felt the weight of the bottle of beer in his jacket as he pawed down at himself, cussing the floud of cold that he was letting in.
His fingers felt like ice on his dick, and it took a moment to get up the urge to piss, even with the full bladder.
The relief was nothing to make up for the frigid feeling of the cold.
He didn’t want to take his time, but a night of beer wasn’t going to let him go quickly.
Freeze my fuckin’ cock off, he joked, looking back at Cedric.
He idly wondered if Cedric was watching, but he wasn‘t.
Cedric was strangely quiet tonight, he’d noticed.
He settled for just staring at that blurred lump that was his homeboy, and thought what it was like if Cedric didn’t think he was joking about holding his dick.
It took the edge off the cold.
Shaking, he shoved himself away, and zipped up, avoiding standing in the puddle of piss that had spread from the spot.
Keyaron offered Cedric the bottle from his pocket, almost instantly cursing how cold it felt.
When Cedric shook his head, he sat down next to him and put the bottle aside. Wwhyte free chat sex japan.
He was bored almost instantly, feeling the hard ground beneath him.
It was still cold as fuck, and darker now.
Beyond the lip was traffic he could hear, but not see.
Could use gettin‘ my dick in something warm tonight, he remarked, idly.
He hated the quiet.
Wanna feel how cold it got just takin’ it out to piss? Cedric shoot his head, You crazy.
Nah, I’m crazy missin‘ out on gettinpussy somehow.
How’s a nigga like me fuck that up? Brawling, Cedric remarked, almost coldly.
Same reason we under a bridge.
Keyaron looked at the guy‘s face, staring out into the dark.
His face was framed by matted, short dreadlocks, and a hoodie that lent deepness to the shadows there.
Keyaron didn‘t care much for the subdued expression he was seeing.
There wasn’t any empathy there for what he was going through.
Keyaron couldn‘t even remember who had started the fight, or how they had got thrown out.
He had toyed with the idea of going somewhere quiet, and that was about as much as he remembered now.
Cedric didn’t look up for much.
Keyaron gave his boy something akin to a one armed hug that quickly turned manly, into a rough hussle, At least it’s quiet up in here, was startin’ to get deaf with that fuckinmusic.
Whatevers cool, Key.
Keyaron felt all those urges and impulses flare bright as he roughed with Cedric, as brief as it was.
It had been a while since he had felt another man this close.
And he sure as fuck didn’t trust another man to sit this close like he did Cedric. Denisecock olayin chat.

Denisecock olayin chat.
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