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Ichithekiller live webcam soft sensation clips.
Suddenly my cock erupted and shot my hot cum straight up and on to her yellow shirt.
Spurt after spurt came and I could see Sherry on the edge of cumming, her mouth opening wider, her eyes closing tightly, her body tensing, her eyes looking into mine as a her orgasm hit and swept over her like a tidal wave.
I held my hard cock just above her crotch.
It was as if we had fucked without touching.
That was so damn hot , Sherry finally said, panting heavily, her hands still inside bulging the crotch of her tight jeans. Fantasyjeny www chatonlinepornstars com.
Man, are we crazy, she said, glancing over at the open door.
I looked at the door, We could have gotten caught, I said.
True, but isn’t it fun being bad, like this, she said, looking down at the cum on her shirt.
We then put ourselves back together.
I took her in my arms and we hugged, embracing each other, loving the warm, sweetness of our bodies expressing what we felt.
After those few tender moments, we walked over to the window.
It was a warm sunny afternoon.
Everything was green.
I could see the cow in the pasture, the sheep grazing, the red barn and the line of trees on the edge of the farm. Ichithekiller live webcam soft sensation clips.

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