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Instead of hollering out the numbers Diana instead just hollered and came drenching her legs and making a dark spot on the cushion below her, I listened for an answer but instead all I heard was a small mumble into the pillow.
What was that kitten?” I asked rubbing my hand soothingly over her ass.
“Yes master, your kitten wants you to fuck her.
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Instead of just jumping up and mounting her like some dog in heat in instead moved behind her and started to kneed her ass and plant small kisses on the beautiful globes of flesh.
The moans and whimpers I heard made me smile against her flesh.
Eventually I flipped her over and was left staring at her beautiful body all spread out in front of me just begging to be fucked.
I leaned forward and inhaled deeply taking in the smell of my lover‘s wet cunt before leaning down and kissing around her puffy lips.
Like a man dying of thirst I dove in and started licking out Diana’s sweet cunt, swallowing all of her nectar I could as my hands trailed over her body. Kristimack sexin phone malayalam.

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