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She doesn’t buy clothes or make up, never has her hair cut nicely.
I laugh in agreement.
Her wardrobe isn’t exactly bulging, Craig.
It’s full of baggy cardigans and loose fitting jeans.
It’s a shame, her figure is quite nice really.
Come with me I’ll show you some of her fashion disasters.
tell Cherry we shouldn’t and that I don’t feel comfortable.
But she has made her mind up, dragging me by the hand into Leah’s room.
I hope she doesn’t come home early and find two naked people going through her clothes.
The room is dour and unwelcoming, cluttered with old fashioned furniture, I certainly wouldn’t want to be lured back here.
Cherry is rifling through Leah’s wardrobe, pulling out and showing me several garish cardigans and thick knit jumpers.
See what I mean, Craig? She needs a major makeover.
Wait until you see her underwear… Cherry opens a small compartment at the bottom of the wardrobe and pulls out various garments of underwear, none of them flattering or sexy.
They all seem to be nondescript, shapeless passion killers. Kandysexyhot free no reg sex chat.
Suddenly Cherry stops digging and lets out a gasp of surprise.
Oh my god.
Maybe she’s not so shy after all, the dirty cow.
She turns to me, grinning from ear to ear, holding up an eight inch vibrator.
Well, Cherry.
She may not have had a real cock inside her, but she’s certainly had a plastic one.
The sound of a key turning the lock brings us back to reality.
Cherry hastily replaces the vibrator and covers it with the underwear.
We just about make it out and back to Cherry’s room before Leah’s footsteps echo on the stairs.
That was a close call.
A week or so later and I’m lying in Cherry’s bed.
It’s 5 a.
and I can’t sleep.
I lie awake for a while, listening to the first of the morning’s trains in the distance.
I look to my left and admire the amazing lady who has changed my life.
Cherry looks so angelic, lips slightly open, breathing gently.
The near silence is cut through by a low humming sound coming from the next room, Leah’s room.
The sound is unmistakeable, Leah has decided it’s time to play with her plastic friend.
I’m grateful for the thin walls as I can hear everything.
After a minute or so I can tell that Leah must be fucking herself hard, judging by the low gasps and sighs.
After a couple more minutes I hear the vibrator change tone, she’s cranked it up a speed.
Her gasps become louder and I visualise her bringing herself off.
The message in my head has reached my groin and I find myself painfully hard.
I look at Cherry, she is still sleeping soundly.
Telling myself what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Sohotmycock www nakedsex chatting com.

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