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She nodded with a mysterious smile, and though I had made a wide path for her to pass, as she passed me she brushed against me, shoulder into my chest and hand into my crotch.
She turned to smile at me over her shoulder, and I swallowed a gulp of air after she walked on.
When I followed her , she sat down in the middle of my couch and patted the cushion right next to her on her right side and smiled.
I sat down a little further away from her than she had indicated, and she moved over to lean against me.
We clinked wine glass and she said, “I guess you know why I’m here.
” “I have my suspicions, yes.
She ran her fingertips through my hair and said, “Well?” In response I kissed her on the lips and she melted into me.
I slowly undressed her and felt her massive breasts sag into my hands, then push hard against my mouth as I sucked on her dark nipples.
Her body was thick, as was her pubic hair, with a vertical fall of her sides from her breasts to below her waist and then a flare of the hips framing her black triangle. Mature_man sex chat webcams bot.
I knelt on the floor in front of her as she spread her thighs for me and leaned her head back in anticipation.
Her pussy was fully ready for me and she grabbed my head and clamped down hard when my tongue reached her clit.
I sucked hard and reached up to feel her breasts as her thighs squeezed hard around my head and she quickly came hard all over my face.
I stood up then and finished undressing, and she lay back with her thighs spread and held her arms out to me.
I rose over her and slowly entered her.
Her body welcomed me inside and enveloped me, thighs, arms, and cunt, and almost immediately she arched her back in orgasm, squirting fluids all over me as I in turn immediately pulsed into a draining, massive orgasm.
I plowed deep as both of us screamed loudly and thrust hard against each other.
I lay on top of her and made as if to rise off her, but she held me tight and said, “Stay.
” “Sorry, I usually manage to last longer than.
Lord, three seconds.
” She laughed, “That’s fine.
Hope you enjoyed it.
I almost never come immediately when I get fucked.
” “So it’s happened before?” “Three or four times, yes.
” “First time a woman’s ever come immediately.
I thought that was something that only happened in letters to dirty magazines.
” “Well, what do you expect if you always cum in three seconds?” I laughed and said, “Shortest time ever.
At least I didn‘t waste it all over your belly.
” “You can do that next time.
” “No, inside you again.
” “Good.
” I had gotten hard again and I began moving slowly inside her. Sweetcya www chat secretcam com.

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