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We’ll see, Camille says as Lucas rolls next to her.
He pulls her into his strong arms and holds her.
Sweet dreams, she tells him as he drifts off to sleep.
We’ll see, she thinks.
If only Lucas knew how long she had been planning this visit.
How long she had been grooming Anna to the point she is now, ready to accept Camille and Lucas as sexual partners.
She had befriended Anna as soon as she saw her profile on the Forty, Foxy and Frustrated forum. Asiangodess multi video sex.
She had invited her into the sub group where she could keep an eye on her and build her trust, becoming her mentor.
Camille had created fake forum profiles and she had used one of these to send Anna pornographic DVDs.
She had carefully selected the scenes on the DVDs to awaken Anna’s sexuality and send it on its inevitable destination to Camille and Lucas.
For the first eighteen-months, she had just wanted her as a friend and confidant.
But when Anna posted about Emilio’s propositions and her monopoly card, Camille seized the opportunity, and used her three fake forum profiles to steer Anna into the tryst with Emilio. Twingoddessts cam to cam chat.

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