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We had the camp site all set up by 5:00pm, and then opened the first beers and started to party.
The night was uneventful, I was a little flat and wished we had stayed at Ohope, and I know a couple of my other mates shared these thoughts.
Both Phil and I drank very little, as the last thing we wanted the next day was a hangover.
The next morning Phil was ready to go at 8:00am, but I pointed out that it only took us about an hour and a bit to get up here so we did not need to leave until 10:45 at the earliest.
So we grabbed the boards before anyone else got them and headed down the beach.
We got back to the tent at 10:30 and loaded up our sleeping bags and some spare cloths etc.
then headed back to Ohope Beach.
Phil headed for the shops when we got there and I continued down to the camping ground and parked my bike in the reserve behind where our tent had been, and then walked along the beach to Allison and Haley’s place.
Hayley was out the front, reading a magazine in the deck chair.
She jumped up and looked very happy to see me. Jhencie69 canada girls and bhabi sexy chat live.
I asked where Allison was and Jenny explained she was over in Rotorua, about an hour and a bit drive away, but was going to be back in the afternoon, as she hadn’t expected me until 3:00pm.
I remembered then that I had told we would get down later in the afternoon, but Phil had changed the time on me.
Why has she gone to Rotorua? I asked.
Oh! Uncle Fred left his wallet here and was too busy today to come and get it.
So mom had to drive it over there; she will be a little while, as Uncle Fred is taking her out to lunch for her troubles.
That’s cool, I will go down and have a swim then, I’ll get my towel etc.
, everything’s in the saddle bags on my bike.
Hayley said she would come with me, as she wanted a ride on my bike.
I said later maybe when her mother gave me the OK.
But Hayley painted out she was old enough to make her own decisions, and that she knew I was taking her mother on it, so I had to take her too.
I got the distinct impression I was being blackmailed, and that if her mother was to do things without her father knowing, she needed to be looked after as well.
Hayley ducked around the back of the caravan, saying she had to change and get her towel.
Five minutes later she appeared, she had pulled on some cut-off jeans that were very tight and had been frayed just above her knees and she had pulled a T Shirt over her bikini top.
She also had a towel in her hand.
We walked down the beach to my bike parked in the reserve.
I went to get my towel out, but Hayley said we could have a swim later, she wanted to ride. -ellie- cam4 seks.

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