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Then he leaned down and kissed me with a passion I haven‘t felt in years.
I was still unsure, but as our tongues intertwined, the passion rose within me and I felt my misgivings crumbling like a sandcastle in the swirling waves of raw lust.
Catching my breath as the kiss ended, I looked up at him, “Well, Eric, it looks like we are both going to fulfill a long time fantasy today.
Grabbing the blanket out of the car, we start walking down the path to the amphitheater.
The sun is shining and the sound of the birds and the wind in the trees make for a perfect afternoon to fulfill my fantasy.
I look at the bleachers and imagine the two of us performing on the stage while a group of people watches, cheering us on. Behardxxx animl xxx.
I blush a little at that thought; but at the same time, it sounds very exciting.
We laid out the blanket and I hesitate, nervously.
What happens if we get caught? The risk of getting caught just makes it that much more exciting, don’t you think? Besides, you DID say you wanted to be spit roasted by two guysMaybe we could invite the ranger to join in.
Blushing, Did I tell you that??? It was in your profile, Pat.
What else was in my profile that turned you on? The part about you lying on your back holding your breasts together so I can fuck them and your mouth at the same time.
That definitely sounds like something I’d like to try; especially now that I know it’s really you.
My mouth goes dry at the thought, but other parts are definitely not.
Moving to meet him at the center of the blanket, I looked up at him expectantly. Gayxxxlove camra sex com.

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