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Her body was now hot and clammy from the release of sexual energy and she was glad that she had a bed to sink down into.
Summer had pleased her well.
Summer felt the last jolt upon her tongue subside and saw how Krista’s body was glowing from pure delight.
Summer was proud of herself.
She had done something that she had never done before.
She had been pleased by another woman and she had pleased another woman.
Not only was Krista glowing, but Summer felt her body was on a high also and needed to come down from being so stimulated.
So, like Krista had done to her, she crawled up in the bed with Krista.
Krista felt Summer move in next to her.
She turned on her side to face Summer.
They both looked at each other and smiled.
They had shared themselves.
Krista could tell that Summer had enjoyed it.
Summer could tell that Krista was happy.
And as they shared a kiss as they lied on the bed together, Krista thought to herself, College for Krista: A New Beginning, and she loved the sound of that.
She was going to fit in at college just fine. Lustygabe chaturbate free web.
And with Summer as her dorm mate, she knewcollege life was going to be even better.
I went home thinking about how wonderful my day had been.
The guy of my dreams just fucked me royally and I loved every minute of it.
Then I called him: Thank-you for inviting me over, I had a wonderful time.
I said happily.
I did too, let’s do it again sometime.
Yes we should.
I thought, wow, was this really happening to me? I do not know why it was but I do know that I am one lucky girl.
Can I ask you a question? I said.
Yea sure; you can ask me anything.
Why did you choose me? Your cute sweet and I have always liked you.
Okay I just wanted to know.
What are you doing tomorrow? Would you like to hang out at the fair, until I have to ride? I was going to go to the fair with my son.
So yea we can hang.
What do you mean by ‘ride’? I am a bull rider.
Thinking to myself wow he is nuts.
I couldn‘t’t wait to see him again.
I wondered if we were together or not but I did not want to ask him, then my phone rang.
What are we? he asked me.
I don’t know, I was wondering that myself.
What do you want to be? I said.
Will you be my girlfriend? YES! See you tomorrow then, good night sweetheart.
Good night, my love sweet dreams.
We met at the front gate of the fair and walked around for about an hour then he got a message from his cousin.
Hey come hang with the family.
Said his cousin.
Hey I got to go hang out with the family for a bit I will let you know when I am done okay.
Okay that’s fine.
I said back and he kissed my forehead. Hornylatin online sex chat without premium.

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