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I reached back with a free hand and ran my fingers lightly over the smooth skin of her ass.
Sarah got on her knees, bent down and put her face in close to my cock.
Every time she ran her hands down my slick shaft, exposing the sensitive skin on the head of my cock, she flicked her tongue all over the head, licking off all the pre-cum fluid and sending little electric shocks of pleasure down my shaft.
I reached back further and slid my fingers into her wet slit.
Sarah slowly, teasingly stroked my shaft and cock head with her pre-cum covered hands.
I lost all awareness of my surroundings.
Eventually, I went somewhere deep within myself, lost in my own little world of pleasure.
Sarah stroked my cock slowly and lightly, keeping me on the edge.
It was unbearable, agonizing, and excruciating.
It was wonderful, amazing, and incredibly pleasurable.
I’m going to cum, I yelled as I neared the point of no return, as if Sarah needed a warning.
Sarah began to aggressively stroke my shaft hard and fast.
Cum for me.
Cum for me, she urged, as weblike strings of pre-cum flew out and around, many catching and sticking to her face and arms. Viktoriafox xxx animal hd images full hd.
I know I groaned loudly.
I know I arched my back high off of the bed, and twisted my rigid body as Sarah pounded hard on my shaft.
I know that the pleasure was so intense that it hurt.
Blood rushed to my head.
I thought I was going to explode.
And then, suddenly, there was release.
A flood of pleasure raced through every nerve and fiber in my body.
Lines of cum rushed through my shaft and spewed out of my swollen cock head.
Again and again and again I erupted.
Long ribbons of cum flew through the air, landing somewhere, everywhere.
I did not care.
I want cum.
I want more cum.
Sarah yelled over and over, as she tried to squeeze every last drop of cum out of my shaft.
Every ounce of my strength had passed through my shaft and out of the end of my cock.
I collapsed back onto the bed in a breathless haze of pleasure, shaking, trembling, and enjoying the aftermath of an intense orgasm.
Sarah’s face and chest collapsed onto my stomach.
Her eyes were closed.
Cum drooled out of her open mouth and joined with patches of cum on her cheek and chin and dripped onto my stomach.
Lines of cum had splashed through her hair.
My fingers were still in her pussy.
She still held my deflating, cum leaking member in her hand.
Yeah! Sarah was back! Master politely suggested that Mistress Sylvia reposition herself so that her back was against the wall and I could kneel on the bench.
He commanded me to continue sucking her while he applied the belt to my ass. Jaylina live cum cams.

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