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Leaving her daughter with her mum, she drove to the gaol and was soon walking back down the empty, echoing cell block and standing outside the tiny punishment cell.
She was wearing a black fitted blouse and a mid thigh length gray skirt with heels.
The outfit was tighter and dressier than she usually wore to work, but the thought of James in the cell made her feel too sexy to wear anything else.
Plus, she wanted to look good for when she finally gave James back his sight.
She crouched down outside the cell door to make sure the skirt allowed her to do that and also to feel the sexy touch of the material as it pulled tight around her hips and thighs.
With the skirt pulled taut, she could barely open her thighs.
Perfect,’ she thought, knowing that the key to James’s mask was still taped to her inner thigh.
Inside the cell, James had spent a surreal night.
From the moment Belinda had turned the key he knew he had no chance of escape, but it was the other restraints that she’d chosen for him that were really playing with his mind. Anffissa japane sex.
The cuffs that she had locked on his hands and feet meant her.
He was now disorientated and vulnerable.
He listened as the key turned in the lock and footsteps entered, Who is it? Belinda knelt down, her skirt pulling tight, and watched his sightless head turn left and then right.
It’s the bitch who owns the key to your mask.
Belinda! What time is it? Time has no meaning to you my darling, she purred, just do as I say.
James’s exposed cock was hard and Belinda could feel moisture building between her legs.
She pulled up her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and lowered herself down on to his erect cock, very slowly and gently at first, but soon she was sitting astride him with her full weight bearing down.
Trapped beneath her, hands and feet chained together and pinned down under her butt, sightless and confused, James could do nothing but enjoy the pure pleasure of sex.
She knew he was bewildered and disorientated, but that only added to her feeling of power.
It felt like she was taking her dolly out of the box, ready to play with.
He’d still barely spoken a word by the time they orgasmed again.
Belinda? Belinda? Mmm? This mask is driving me crazy, James panted.
He had tried everything to pick the small screw-like lock, desperate for just a moment’s reprieve.
Not enjoying the scent of my panties? That’s all I can smell.
but I’m not going to return your sight quite yet.
first you have to do something for me.
Belinda stood up, repositioned her underwear and pulled her skirt back down. Krivoskow15 sex chat men.

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