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I squeezed my eyes shut and savored the delicious feeling of him filling and stretching my pussy.
I let out a moan.
He felt so good in my tight, wet pussy.
Devon’s hands were still on my ass.
Carson, you didn‘t tell me she was an ass virgin,” said Mr.
Devon, clearly puzzled.
I looked at Mr.
He replied, “Well she is.
It’s up to her on what she wants to do.
” I nodded, agreeing to anything the two men wanted.
“That’s a good girl,” said Mr.
Patterson continued to slide me up and down on his cock, the feeling absolutely exquisite.
Devon continued to knead my ass with his hands and slowly spread my ass cheeks apart with his hands.
I felt his wet finger rub my asshole and slowly begin to push it’s way inside the tight opening.
I gasped at the unfamiliar sensation.
His tongue teased my tight hole as he continued to slide his finger slowly in and out.
I could feel my quicken at both sensations.
Patterson felt my pussy tighten, and he pulled out.
“I don’t want you to cum yet, baby.
Come, and let’s go to my bedroom,” he said, and started to his bedroom where Mr. Greylady aplikasi foto porno.
Devon and I followed.
He laid down on the bed and summoned for me to straddle his hard cock.
I crawled on top of him and slowly slid down onto his dick.
I let out a moan as I felt him slide all the way into me.
“That’s it baby.
Ride me,” he breathed.
Devon stood and watched as I bounced on Mr.
Patterson’s cock.
The feeling was amazing.
His cock hitting deep inside of me every time.
I arched my back and reached up and wound my hands into my hair, fully exposing my bouncing tits to the two men.
“So beautiful,” moaned Mr.
Patterson as I continued to ride his huge cock.
Now you have to share, Carson.
It’s my turn,” interjected Mr.
I slowly slid up and off of Mr.
Patterson and laid on my back.
Devon climbed between my legs and slowly slid his rock hard cock against my wet slit.
He continued this tease again before pushing his head into my dripping wet hole.
I threw my head back and moaned.
He was so thick.
I could feel my pussy stretch as he filled me deeper with his cock.
“You like that, don’t you? You’re such a good little slut,” he growled as he picked up pace, slamming his thick rod into me, over and over again.
It felt amazing.
I looked over to see Mr.
Patterson watching us hungrily, stroking his cock.
I felt myself quicken again, my moans getting louder.
“Don’t let her cum yet, Gabe,” ordered Mr.
Devon pulled quickly out of me.
“Lay on your back and let her ride you,” he told Mr.
He flopped on his back and urged me onto his cock, wet from my pussy juice. Littlezaya 4ultimate sex webcam.

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