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My tension rose, then diminished as she toyed with me.
But she was an accomplished artist at the task and slowly, but steadily she raised my tension, as she teased me with the beautiful breasts, which I grasped and massaged.
It seemed as though our peaks approached simultaneously.
When suddenly, as I exploded in another orgasm, Ellen was overcome by her own, screaming out her delight and falling against my chest in a sweaty heap.
I am sorry to say I don’t remember the remainder of the night, or what we did the following morning.
I have never seen Ellen since that day, but remember my unexpected reward as one of the most wonderful, passionate, experiences of my life.
Some weeks later, I received a thank you note from the Placement Director. Ferellibianca sex rulet.
Would I please stop by to meet her the next time I was in town to let her show her gratitude for my efforts on behalf of Ellen? I would and did, but that is another story.
For the next few days I was much more my old self and none of our friends at school seemed to notice anything different between me and Mel.
We shared the occasional conspiratorial smile and probably walked along arm in arm more often than we had before but even though I didn’t feel I was any nearer to achieving that teenage goal of losing my virginity I was still in a very happy mood.
I had also refrained from spying on my sister, the camera still remained strapped against the grille in her room but I had only briefly been tempted to turn it on and had managed to resist the urge.
There had also been no more nocturnal visits by wonderful females with their fingers wrapped around my cock so I figured that it had been Allie who had probably visited me later on ‘that’ night. Lollydo11y huge female cum.

Lollydo11y huge female cum.
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