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She slowly lowered herself onto his shaft, taking her time to savor its length and girth.
The feeling of him opening her up was amazing and she moaned out as he pushed apart her petals.
Ohhh, Miichaaaeeel” she moaned.
She slid down his stiff, fat shaft, delighting in how he was stretching her and how the ridges and bumps on his shaft felt scraping along her pussy walls.
When he was well inside her and completely surrounded by her tight warmth, he pulled her down into a deep kiss, their mouths opening to accept the other‘s tongues. Imladym free video call sexy chating with girl.
While he kissed her, Michael took her luscious tits in his hands.
She rotated and ground her pelvis against him, pushing his cock against every wall inside her.
His mouth moved from hers down to the tits he held so lovingly and his tongue began making small circles around her nipples.
They seemed even harder and more erect than before as he pushed her tits together and moved his mouth from one nipple to the other.
Caught up in the pleasure, Rachael bounced up and down on his lap while he thrust upwards against her so he could sink as deeply as possible into her pussy. Lovelyella live chat chaturbate.

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