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The normal etiquette is for men to go nude in the steam room, and for sanitary reasons, we use the towels provided by the gym to sit on.
That is one of the nicest steam rooms I’d ever used, and I was surprised that it wasn‘t used that heavily.
It’s usually just me and maybe one or two other men who use the room, at least when I’m there.
There is one black man that I saw on my first Monday night at the gym, and when I saw him on Wednesday I thought that he might be on a similar workout schedule to mine. Vvvoli free broadcast yourselfsex cams.
I usually saw him in the weight room and the steam room afterwards.
He looked to be in his early fifties, ruggedly handsome with a shaved head, six feet and two inches tall, and about one hundred and ninety-five pounds of solid muscle.
He’s usually already working out when I arrive and doesn’t come into the steam room until about fifteen minutes after I go in there.
I usually sit on the lower bench on one side, and he sits across from me on the second level.
I tried my best not to stare at him, but I had never seen darkskinned men nude before. Lucky_charley erotic web chat.

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