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I handed Jean her drink, and she took a small sip.
She then began unbuttoning her dress and heading for my bedroom.
As she walked past me, she asked, Are you ready? I reached out, took her hand, and gently redirected her toward my couch.
Her hand was trembling.
I said, I am, but I don’t think you are.
She gave me a puzzled look, which slowly turned a small smile.
Sitting her gently on the couch, I sat beside her and put my arm over her shoulders.
As she sipped her drink, and we again made small talk.
I wanted to help her relax.
After a while I began kissing and nibbling her ear and neck.
“Jean, you look and smell delicious.
” I then gave her a long passionate kiss.
She put her drink down, wrapped her arms around me, and eagerly returned the kiss.
She then sighed, laid her head back on my arm, and closed her eyes.
I opened the first two top buttons of Jean’s dress and pushed it off her shoulders.
I moved down to kiss the exposed parts of her breasts.
Her breathing became slower and deeper.
She was finally beginning to relax. Slatkaya hairy cams.
I slowly finished unbuttoning her dress and started fondling her breasts through her bra.
She leaned forward so I could release the bra’s clasp, thus freeing her beautiful tits.
They were remarkably firm for a woman who had given birth to two children.
I told her, Jean, you have a wonderful set of tits.
She smiled broadly and replied.
You really think so? Thank you.
When I moved my mouth to her nipples, they had already become hard and extended.
They were the size of large peas.
Sucking on them brought soft moans from Jean.
She took my head into her hands and held my face tightly against her chest.
Just above a whisper she said, That feels so nice.
While sucking and nipping at her nipples, I let my hand wander down to her knees.
As I stroked higher and higher up the inside of her thighs, I was pushing her dress up at the same time.
Jean spread her legs enough to give me easier access to her panty-covered pussy.
Without hurrying, I slowly moved my hand up to her crotch.
Her juices had already begun to dampen her silky panties.
With a gasping voice, Jean said, Oh yes! As I rubbed up and down her slit through her panties, Jean spread her legs wider.
Her panties were quickly soaked by her lubricating juices.
By that time, Jean was moaning almost constantly, and her head was gently rocking side to side.
I sensed she was ready to go to bed.
I asked, Jean, would you like to go back to my bedroom now? She smiled and nodded.
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