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I, on the other hand, looked completely different.
Brown hair, full, pink lips, porcelain skin.
Nate always joked that my big blue eyes made me look like a Cosplay girl.
I had a fit body like Lara, but I was more full-figured than her.
I had a tiny waist, but my ass was big for my frame and my breasts were a full C.
Cheers! Lara said as she clinked her glass with mine.
Wanna sit? We walked toward the couch – the couch where she had kissed me.
Sitting down I bit my lower lip – a nervous habit.
I’m married, I blurted out, a lot louder than I meant to.
I know.
Lara smiled.
I don’t want a girlfriend.
I’m not a lesbian.
But, but you intrigue me.
I get it.
Lara was so blunt.
That was one thing I appreciated about her – no bullshit.
You just want to have sex, right? No strings attached? Right.
I was worried she would be offended – that she’d fallen for me and I’d have to turn her down.
I realized now how stupidly selfcentered that really was for me to think that way.
I never really thought about how it might just be about the sex for her, too. Royalgranny2u nude mom chet free.
Look, Kat, I’m not a lesbian either.
I don’t want a relationship with you.
I just sometimes like to play with women.
You’re gorgeous, and I would love to have sex with you.
But I don’t want you to feel pressure to do anything you don’t want to do.
I felt relieved.
No strings attached sex.
I could do that.
I wanted to do that.
I still felt kind of guilty – like I was cheating on Nate.
But I knew he was okay with it – more than okay with it.
I wanted this.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist I wanted her.
It was gonna happen.
My eyes flitted down toward her breasts again – her hard nipples still poking through her tank top.
Lara smiled.
Licking her lips, she leaned in toward me and kissed me softly.
Pulling back, she grabbed my wine glass and set my and her glass down on the coffee table.
She then gently cupped the back of my head and pulled me toward her.
We started kissing.
Hungry kisses.
I moaned.
It felt really, really good.
Pressing me back into the couch so I was laying down, Lara straddled me, her tongue fucking my mouth.
I felt her hand slide down between my legs.
She unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans.
Knowing what was going to happen, I’d put on my sexiest pair of clean underwear.
Purple lace.
My favorite color.
You’re wet! Lara smiled proudly as she began to rub my clit over top of my underwear.
I felt my face flush.
You okay? she asked.
Do you want to stop? No! I said more forcefully than I probably needed to.
I want to keep going. Selenahot how much do web cam girls make.

Selenahot how much do web cam girls make.
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