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Smack! “A Lady tempers her emotions.
Further reproaches, further strikes.
A Lady does not succumb to her passions.
A Lady does not allow her womanhood to drool like a hungry dog.
His fingers had gone to her mouth and she moaned with delight at the taste of her own passion.
A Lady does not enjoy the taste of her own womanhood.
Nor does she enjoy a man tasting of her womanhood.
She felt a soft kiss on her buttock. Zirka97 free exhibitionist cam chat.
Then the other.
He lifted her off his knee and laid her on the bed.
He licked down the length of her leg, from the tip of her toes until he reached her swollen, drenched lips.
Eagerly he licked and suckled as she moaned and twisted her body.
Once again he brought her to the brink of climax before he rolled her on to her stomach, lifted her hips and let fly with another slap.
“A Lady maintains her dignity.
” Smack.

A lady does not crave a spanking.
A Lady does not crave the feeling of a man‘s swollen manhood.
Somehow between slaps, he had released his manhood and began to rub it against her. Uniassholeslu anal chat.

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