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That was enough; he knelt.
I looked through his jacket and trousers, until I found his mobile phone.
I looked through the address book and found his wife’s number.
Then I pointed the camera at him and took a picture.
Do you want me to send this to her? I asked.
To your wife? No, He replied, Please, no.
Then beg.
Beg Lisa’s forgiveness.
Though he glanced at her, he said nothing.
What? I said with a growl, Are you waiting for? He shuffled around to face Lisa and whispered, Please forgive me.
For what? I prompted.
For being so awful to you.
For blackmailing you, for taking your wages, for forcing you to work here, for threatening you.
Lisa looked down at him.
Are you sorry? Oh yes.
I know you’re fearful, She said.
But are you sorry? I don’t think he is, put in Jen.
She turned to Mike and Saul, inviting their input.
Me neither said Mike.
Nah, said Saul.
Jen stepped forward, standing next to Blackthorn’s kneeling form.
Get down.
Get on your hands and knees and beg Lisa to forgive you.
What choice did he have. Flirtang malayalam free no cash payment sex chat.
Though he was already kneeling, he got down onto his hands and knees, and looked up at Lisa, Please, please forgive me.
Jen leaned over him and slapped his arse hard.
So hard the sound reverberated around the room.
A red hand shaped mark revealed itself on his hairy arse cheek.
He gasped.
Please Lisa.
I’m so sorry I have been so awful to you.
Smack! Jen his him harder this time; hard enough that it hurt her hand; she stood there gently blowing on it.
I’ll do anything I can to make it up to you.
This last comment raised a smile from Lisa’s mouth.
Smack! Jen really couldn’t keep this up.
it was hurting her as much as it was hurting him.
But Blackthorn was feeling the humiliation of his punishment.
I walked over to my suitcase and found my black velvet drawstring bag containing my special toys for the journey.
Smack! Blackthorn’s arse was glowing red now, and Lisa had had enough.
I turned from the suitcase and said, I’m going to pay you back for what you did to me this afternoon.
He looked up and saw the big long black plastic strap-on dildo that I had been meaning to use on Jen.
His eyes widened to saucers.
You fucked me in the arse, so now that’s what I’m going to do to you.
I stepped into the dildo’s harness and pulled it up my legs.
The plastic cock looked huge and mean.
Oh God, he said, as he felt me holding his waist in my hands.
I slid the dildo back and forth between his legs, then along the cleft of his arse, feeling him tremble and moan.
Lisa was looking at me in disbelief.
Jen handed her Blackthorn’s phone. Ariadna-19 webcam teens live c2c.

Ariadna-19 webcam teens live c2c.
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