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Nothing more was said.
Sensing that I was a bit addled, Sarah took my hand and led me to the couch where we sat down.
As she had done so many times before, Sarah turned her back to me, looked over her shoulder, and with a slight, inviting smile, asked for a back rub.
Clothes were removed.
We moved from the couch to my bed.
Sarah straddled me and slid her wet pussy down over my cock until I was fully in her.
She came within a few minutes.
I followed with an explosion of my seed inside her love hole.
It was still early in the afternoon.
I quickly searched for, and found the big manila envelope that contained many of the pictures Sarah had taken years before.
Some of the pictures were of me; many were of her; and some were of others with whom we had shared her bed.
We lay on top of the bed covers, snuggling against each other, looking at the photos, and reliving how this young college girl had taken a sexually inexperienced older guy, taught him so much about being with a woman, and gave him experiences that he would remember the rest of his life. Maestro18 online free chat room video usa sexy.
Sarah held my very limp cock in her hand, and as we talked and looked at the pictures, she squeezed it, stroked it and rubbed her thumb over the sensitive head, spreading pre-cum all around my shaft.
It wasn’t until I felt a spasm of pleasure run from the end of my cock to my balls that I realized that I was fully hard again and being stroked by Sarah with two hands.
After a few minutes of tweaking and pinching Sarah’s nipples, running my fingers over her still wet, swollen pussy lips, and some tongue-battling, messy kissing, we were both ready for a second round of pleasure play.
Sarah was again the aggressor, climbing on top of me.
This time she faced my feet, and held my shaft steady with one hand while she positioned it under her slit and slid down on my cock.
She knew that I liked the view of her pussy and ass, and the position she had settled into certainly gave me the view that I liked.
Ordinarily, I might reach out and slide a finger over her asshole.
Instead, I just lay back and enjoyed both the pleasure of her moist pussy sliding up and down on my pole and the view.
Eventually, Sarah lay back on top of me, steadying herself with her hands to her sides and her feet on the mattress, while I fucked her love hole and held her by her tits.
I rolled her over onto her knees.
This was the way we both liked it.
Her ass and pussy up in the air, ready to be taken, and my hard shaft in her slit.
I fucked Sarah doggie, pulling on her hair, slapping her ass, and driving my shaft deep into her dripping hole. Aseducer gay chat cam mobile phone.

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