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Of course, what neither of the girls knew, was that both grannies fantasised about being spanked even at their age.
Their fantasy assumed the woman spanking them would be much older than these girls, but somehow being spanked by someone as young and slim as these prefects was actually even more erotic.
Of course, they didn’t particularly want to be spanked in front of so many watching college girl’s teachers and visitors and would have much preferred being spanked in private, but then today was about being punished for stealing and so they had no say in who should watch.
No one else in the hall was aware of the feelings of both the grannies, and as the spankings continued so the college girls continued to make their derogatory comments about their fleshy legs, bat wings, and creased skin, and were laughing and giggling. Sinnamonsugar live model sex cam for android.
Of course, they knew that the spankings were fully justified as the grannies had been caught so blatantly stealing.
At the same time, both prefects knew that the spankings were fully justified and hoped that it would teach these naughty grannies not to steal.
They could tell both grannies were finding it harder and harder to cope with what must be their increasingly stinging bottoms.
Still, it was good for all of those watching to see how two grannies were reduced to crying as they were spanked so hard.
Both grannies realised that their vision was blurred as the stinging intensified, and then felt the tears running down their faces as the very hard spanks continued.
It’s certainly wasn’t fun for them, but then they supposed that no punishment should be. Astoriafox video call online sex.

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