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Her skimpy white bra was straining to hold her large breasts and her areole was peeking out from both cups, as I’d already guessed, she wore white stockings and her panties only just covered her pussy.
“You’re very beautiful Sonia.
” my voice sounded far away and she smiled in response.
“Thank you Kathleen, but like you, it’s for my eyes only at the moment, I caught my girlfriend in bed with my sister.
” “Then my lover isn’t the only fool,” I said softly and she grinned at me as she pulled a pair of thin rubber gloves from the tray.
“No,” I whispered, “No gloves Sonia, I want to feel your hands on me.
” The cool, oily cream and the feel of her hands on my pussy area all combined to send me into a dreamlike haze, her voice seemed far away and I felt as if every muscle in my body was melting.
I’d never felt so exposed or brazen in my life before, my breasts were heaving and my nipples were aching, I felt the tape going on my pubes and then she was standing and looking down at me.
“Would you mind if I took my panties off too?” she said softly, “I’m getting rather wet and I have to work all day.
” “I’d love it,” I croaked again, “Shall I hold them for you?” She blushed prettily and said she thought it would be nice as she slid the tiny garment down over her thighs, her vagina was just a pretty little slit at the juncture of her thighs but I could see the tiny droplets of moisture clinging to it. Ts_paramount usasexvideo com.
“You’re beautiful Sonia,” I said and held her panties to my face and inhaled their heady aroma.
“And seeing you like that is beautiful too Kathleen, but I must get back to work, the boss lady is just looking for an excuse to fire me.
” She lowered her voice and whispered that she’d refused her advances and now Sonia was on dangerous ground.
“Would you refuse my advances Sonia?” “You haven’t made any.
” “That’s because I’m frightened.
” “Frightened?” “Of refusal.
” “Try me,” she said softly and I felt her pulling the strips of tape off my pubes.
“I’ll show you something when you’ve finished,” I smiled, “Do you have a passport?” “Yes.
” “A drivers license?” “Yes.
” “How old are you?” “Eighteen.
” “Perfect.
” “For what?” “You’ll see in a minute.
” She seemed to accept that and handed me a mirror to look at my new hairless slit.
“It’s beautiful Sonia,” I said, “I love it, it’s almost as pretty as yours.
” She led me then to a padded bench where I laid down while she moistened her hands with more scented oil, I was hovering on the brink of orgasm as she patted my mound and rubbed the oil in gently.
“Sonia,” I gasped and then jerked as the orgasm hit me, it was like a hurricane, I arched my back up and suddenly her mouth was on me, her tongue snaking between my lips, I came again and again until like a limp rag, I lay back breathing heavily, the sweat pouring from me like water.
“Sonia,” I said again and pulled her down to taste myself on her lips, “I don’t know which I prefer, your lips or your panties.
Take them Kathleen,” she said softly, “Let me think of you wearing them.
” “Come home with me now,” I said softly, I need a housekeeper cum companion, my parents died recently and I’ve inherited some money, help me Sonia.
” “I’d love to Kathleen,” she breathed into my mouth, “I don’t want to be alone any more.
” “You’ll never be alone again Sonia, I promise.
Hannah and I just had our first time sex on the beach and we were heading back to my house for the evening and possibly the night, if all things go well. Babyboysex free instant naked cam chat.

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