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You thought about last week?” “How could I not?” Steph replied.
Surely, it was inevitable, right? “And are you looking at him now?” She hadn‘t been, but now she was.
” “Did you think about his big dick?” Jack playfully asked.
Maybe,” Steph responded, and reached back with her hand to squeeze Jack’s hard dick through his shorts.
“I thought about him hiking up my skirt, bending me over the hood of the car, and fucking me like he fucked Amy last week.
Now get out of my way.
I’ve got to take these tomatoes out.
” “Still a little wild girl left in you,” he teased, watching her walk away.
As Steph opened the door she looked back and replied, “Maybe.
” She laughed a little to herself.
This was fun.
So this is what it’s like to feel sexy? She liked it.
The food was good, the beer and wine were served and consumed, they listened to good music, and the conversation flowed through the warm summer evening.
The other couples departed, one at a time, as the evening wore on, leaving only Amy and Phil.
It was one of those perfect summer nights — slightly cool after a warm day — when the gentle warmth and light breeze invigorate you and the night seems to dawdle along without getting exhausting. Lalaleigh chaturbate no registration.
Jack‘s speakers played light music across the deck as Jack and Steph sat around the table, talking.
Before Amy and Steph finished the last bottle of wine, and Jack and Phil the last growler of beer, they all decided that everyone had consumed too much alcohol for driving, and Amy and Phil would stay over in their guest room.
Amy and Phil sat on their outdoor sofa (the one featured in Steph’s dream), and Steph shared one of the facing chairs with Jack.
The wine had taken full effect, and Steph was starting to feel the slightest bit of drowsiness, though she was still turned on, as well, with the slow simmer that had continued all evening.
The evening was coming to a close, and all four glasses were nearly empty.
In a pause in the conversation, Phil thanked them for letting him stay over, having met him only once before.
Jack replied that any friend of Amy’s was a friend of theirs, and was more than welcome.
Plus,” he added, “you like my beer.
Everyone sat for a moment, basking in the gentle music and warm night air.
“Last week,” Amy said, “was a lot of fun.
” She looked at Steph and smiled.
Was she implying something? “We always enjoy the Creekside,” Jack replied.
“Until the kids started having more overnights in the last few years, we didn‘t get out very much.
” “And you got to know Phil pretty well, didn’t you?” Amy added, her smile widening.
“Well, it was loud at the bar,” Steph responded, “We got to talk more tonight.
” “Oh, Steph!” Amy said.
“Don’t be naive!” She laughed.
“I’m not talking about talking!”Where was she going with this? Blondina187 sex chat gam turkey.

Blondina187 sex chat gam turkey.
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