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When John falls silent I realise it’s a challenge.
Pure Chastity, I say after a bit of thought.
Very sharp, says John.
It took me a lot longer than that to work it out.
I shrug.
Maybe it’s easier when you know who’s behind it, I say.
Maybe it is, John says.
He falls silent, then, when I too am silent, Well, I’m convinced that you’re the man for the job.
What do you say? There’s really only one thing to say.
I mean, I accept.
Thank you.
John looks as if he’s about to laugh.
Instead he says, Good, then I look forward to an excellent working relationship.
We shake on it.
John tells me to head up to Human Resources right away to get things sorted. Racyrachelle www chatfreesex com.
Then, as I’m about to leave he says, Oh, Mark.
Not a word to Catherine about this arrangement.
Not yet.
I have something special in mind.
We don’t have any contact when you’re home, I say.
It’s no trouble at all.
John nods.
A man who understands how to keep things secret.
I like that.
Not so very secret, I think to myself, since that churchy bitch Charlotte caught Catherine and me at it, but, really, what were the odds on that happening? Two days later, John lets me in on his plans.

That evening I go out for a drink with Tina.
We get on swimmingly, but whereas previously I would hardly have been able to believe my luck when Tina drops the hint that her flatmate’s away for the week, now I politely decline the offer.
All I can think about is the fun I’m going to be having with the kinkiest lady I know, with her husband’s approval.
It was a beautiful day outside and it had been a long hard week at work. Cutie-girl www sexarab.

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