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Wow, was all I could say as we collapsed together.
Wow indeed, she responded, Maybe getting marooned won’t be so bad after all.
And she kissed me, long and languorously, our tongues tasting and sliding gently, over and over, until the sheer sensuality of this stoked the fires again, and turning her over, I slid my hard again cock into her dripping pussy.
Once more our passion built, and my cock pistoned into her belly, until her body shivered and pulsated in orgasm after orgasm, and finally I spent my balls again.
This time we went into the sea, to wash and cool off, at least as much as we could, and to wash the sand from our sensitive parts.
We had been oblivious to this but now we both could feel the sting of the salt sea on our various abrasions.
Taking her hand as we walked out of the surf, I said, Three priorities – shelter, food and water, and then more of you.
And which one is our top priority?, she asked.
Shelter, I said, as if we made love like that again, I’d be a raw bleeding mass and no good to you or me. Xxangelkissxx free online webcam.
Deal, she said.
And so we made our first shelter — just some branches, and some leaves — and it took some time.
We stood back and surveyed our handiwork, and thought that with the piles of palm leaves on the floor, we just needed some softer stuff and we would be rather comfortable.
I suggested that Angie go looking for some softer leaves or dry grass, while I went fishing.
I had no line, but fashioned a point onto a slim stick I’d found, about 4 ft long, and headed for the lagoon.
It wasn’t long before I had a couple of large fish, and as neither of us were keen on raw fish, we then had to try to light a fire.
I had been a boy scout, but didn’t have another to rub together, so had to make do with some dry wood, a sharp pointed stick and kindling.
It took ages, but finally a bit of smoke, and then a bit of kindling caught and a flame appeared.
Drinking water wasn’t a major problem, as though the island was small, there was a small spring up on higher ground, which tasted clean so we filled a couple of coconut shells with this and took it back.
Our first meal was at least Michelin star standard, or at least it felt so to us, and as darkness fell, we made our way into our shelter, and lay down on the soft pile of grasses that Angie had collected.
It got dark very quickly, but somehow it was romantic as the moon came out, and as I lay back, Angie straddled me, and silhouetted against the moonlight, she looked the embodiment of erotic womanhood.
Her breasts moved tantalisingly as she moved down on my erect cock and started to move on me. Diadadima free chat online video ero.

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