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Ryan was just holding and comforting her.
“Mum, what‘s wrong.
” “Nothing……nothing,” murmured her Mum.
“I know there‘s something wrong.
You don’t cry for nothing.
Now tell me,” said Shelley angrily.
Ryan turned to her and said, “Shelley, your Mum has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and it is pretty bad. Want2cum4me live sexchat 4 free indian.
” “Oh, Mum, what can I do.
I can’t lose you now.
We are just getting so close again.
Renee looked at her, with reddened eyes and sadly replied, “there is nothing that can be done, it has started to spread to my other organs as well.
I don’t want to go through chemotherapy as that will just leave me feeling washed out all the time, and it still won’t cure me.
” “I just want to relax now with Ryan and you and the children. Elya-x daughter live sex.

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