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It did get worse when the backs of their legs were spanked vigorously and could do nothing about being reduced to crying babbling wrecks.
At last, though, the spankings did end and both grannies heard the order, Now get up, stand looking out of the hall with your hands on your heads.
It did take them a few moments to recover enough to get up but then Mabel and Janet obediently eased themselves up from the prefect’s laps and stood up, placing their hands on their heads whilst still sobbing, looking out at the huge audience of college girls’ teachers and visitors.
Their vision was still blurred but they did hear even more derogatory comments as well as giggles and laughter particularly from the college girls. Sex–bomb porno back chate.
It really was humiliating, particularly when it suddenly struck them that they both lived not too far away from the college and they were bound to see lots of the same college girls walking around the streets nearby.
Worse, they also realised how embarrassing it was going to be having the college girls pointing at them in the street and giggling, and, no doubt, making comments loudly enough for those who weren’t here today to understand that they had both been spanked so publicly.
Maybe that humiliation would help stop them stealing in future, they wondered.
Indeed, a humiliating punishment given in public was far more effective than a private one, they now knew.
Emma and Cathy were looking at the glowing red bottoms and tops of the legs knowing that the grannies were standing with their hands on the heads and fully naked looking out at everyone in the hall. Evaahxxx my free web girls.

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