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Her hands were on my hips now and as she pushed at my dick she pulled me to her and got the timing right so I stayed inside her hole.
One of her hands went between us just above my cock and I could feel them twiddling at herself as I went in and out and then her head was rolling from side to and she said I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me and her lips lifted right up and held me in the air and she was calling out and making noises and Yes, yes, yes.
Then she fell back on the bed and she held my hips tight to her.
I was hard and I wanted to keep pushing but she held me still for a minute.
Then she said Oh, Teddy. Nataly100 live slut chat.
You poor man you.
I was greedy.
Please keep doing it to me.
I started pushing in and out and nearly straight away I felt my legs tingling and it was in my balls, all swelling up and I spurted and spurted like I would never stop.
She held me close when I collapsed on top of her.
I was sobbing and panting and shaking and she was making little soothing noises to me Good boy.
Good man.
You are so GOOD, Teddy.
You made me feel like a woman.
You were a man for me and I felt proud and contented and couldn’t believe I had done it to her.
My prick slipped out and she pushed me onto my back.
She climbed over me and spread her legs over my tummy and I saw her hairs all covered in sticky stuff.
Watch, she said.
I saw white creamy stuff drop out from between her legs and fall on my tummy.
That’s your man cum.
You filled me with man cum, Teddy.
For the rest of that week Uncle Reg would do me in the nighttime in his bed. –lady_dreamsexihot com.

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