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Tears of anger replaced those of pain as she closed her eyes and had to savor only the sounds of him cumming over her bruised and battered ass.
After he had expelled the last of his essence he took the flat of his hand and rubbed his cum into the deep, raw welts the belt had left.
This made the burning sensation even greater before it began to cool and sooth the puckered flesh.
He gave her ass another light smack before pulling his shorts up and composing himself.
Her wrists and ankles fought against the restraints.
“Alright, I’ve been punished – now let me out,” she said in an angry and hurt voice.
Her hopes for being fucked by him had been smashed several times throughout this session.
He smirked at her from the doorway “You’re going to have a little timeout, and you are going to stay here so I can work without being disturbed – you bad little kitten.
” She flopped back against the mattress and sighed.
“You disturbed my work, you wanted attention, and you got it… and you still aren‘t happy?” he asked with a knowing smile.
“NO,” she huffed.
“Ah, ah – say ‘Thank You Daddy,'” he chided. Sashs1925 live sex chat messenger.
There was a long pause… “Thank you, Daddy.
” “Yo , Chad! Who are we doing for our next episode, bro?” “Okay, so, we’re doing Jessie next, then the lesbian scene afterwards.
Come on, dude, you know the script! We went through it about 500 times!” I said.
“Okay, relax, when is she getting here anyway?” The door opened.
I saw her.
I couldn‘t believe it.
It was like a part of my past had came back to me.
Sierra?” “Chad?” My name is “Sweet” Chad Jones.
I’m a director/writer in the adult entertainment business.
I used to be a porn star.
I am the mind behind the series calledErotic Fantasies.
” Yes, I get paid to be around hot women, watch them have sex, and periodically take part in it myself.
You might think that it’s the best job in the world (which it is), but it took me a long time to get here.
It all started when I was a sophomore in high school.
I was sixteen.
I was an aspiring writer writing poems and short stories in class.
One day after school, my needs took over and I masturbated to porn.
After my climax, I wondered, should I write one? So, I did.
It was easy to write because I was so damn horny.
My parents found out later.
They weren‘t happy.
I even showed my works to people who went to school with me.
They actually loved it.
Guys liked it.
Girls loved it.
Girls that I wrote about loved it.
This is where I knew I had a hit.
Thanks to my horndog friend Tommy (who‘s currently my talent director) and myself, I kept writing more fantasies all the way through my high school years and college, until my big break came in the form of: “Richard Johnson. Lexywildy adult sex chat ipad.

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