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She had never been fucked like this before.
Dream or not she didn’t want it to stop.
The paced picked up and she was cumming every other stroke.
She had never cumm so much in her life.
Just before Kitty felt a rush of wetness being pumped over her sugar walls, a flood of cumm being shot into Kitty’s hungry pussy.
She saw the bright light again, in the form of a man high lighted by shadows.
Even the flood of warm semen made her cumm.
When the last few ounces of jism were seeping into her, the bright light dissipated and Kitty woke up.
She was drained, but her thong was still on.
The sheets were still on the bed, but, her thong was soaked.
She looked for the gallons of cumm she knew had to be there.
Nothing as she felt all over the bed.
Kitty settled down, she told her self it was just a very erotic dream.
One like she never experience before, but, it was just a dream.
The next morning Kitty was awoken by a knock at her door.
When she opened it, there stood the old lady with a basket in her hand.
The smell of home made pancakes woke her right up. Naturalboobsd online live sex chat videos.
Kitty was starving and quickly invited her in.
While they ate, they old lady asked, how did you work up such an appetite? Kitty felt funny telling her what she thought happen.
So, she just smiled at her.
Then she thought, how did she know I would be hungry? But, Kitty didn’t question her.
You know he will be back, the old lady said.
Who will be back Kitty finally asked a questioned? Otis, the old lady replied.
Kitty wondered what this old lady was talking about.
I didn’t want to believe at first, she went on.
The story goes there was a big black slave named Otis who fucked his master’s daughter.
She ordered the slave to fuck her and when it was found out.
The girl lied and said the slave forced him self on her.
Of course they believed the word of the slave owner’s daughter over a slave.
While they were stringing him up, he cursed this whole place.
Now all the women whom stay here are fucked by Otis.
Is that why your always in good spirits, Kitty asked the old lady? Yes indeed, she said.
I came here a young lady and my husband lost interest.
But, Otis started fucking me.
My husband found me one night with my legs up and spread.
Otis was fucking me real good.
That’s when we researched this place and found out what happened.
They shared me for awhile, until about ten years ago.
My husband can’t get it up any longer.
He has to watch Otis fuck me night after night.
Is that why he’s so bitter, Kitty asked.
Wouldn’t you if some big dick spirit was fucking your wife well, was her response. Linasex25 vidio gmbr prn.

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