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He might have been some high-up accountant before he got nicked, but – Jesus Christ, mate – his backdoor stunk to high fuck!” I looked over at Rob, half-expecting him to be shocked, but he was grinning broadly, enjoying the description.
“I don’t suppose that put you off,” he suggested.
“I was too boned-up to be put off by anything,” I chuckled.

“In any case, I knew there’d be a stink – not just ‘cause Brian had told me but because.
it was obvious really.
” “Did you like the stink?” Rob asked with a smirk, knowing full well how much I like the smell of his arse being fucked.
“In a way, yeah,” I admitted.
“It made what I was about to do totally different from what I was used to, and like my brother had said, that was probably a good thing.
I mean, I love that sexy smell you get from a woman when her minge is dripping wet and she‘s crying out for you to fill it, but Derek‘s arse-crack. Inlove-cam skinny cams4u.
let‘s just say it had its own appeal.
” “Was it a sort of sweaty male bum smell?” Rob queried, adding unnecessarily: “I love that smell!” “I think it was a good few notches higher than that, mate,” I chuckled.
“I dunno if you know, but prison bogs don’t have any doors on them so when you’re in there you tend to rush what you’re doing, if you know what I mean!” “Oh I see,” he nodded.
Anyway, Derek had obviously rushed ’cause his butt-crack stunk like a squaddie’s, but when you’re kneeling behind a bloke levelling your dick up to bugger his arse on a prison bunk, you don’t expect to be met with the sweet smell of roses!” “Quite,” Rob laughed as I held the cut tile up to the gap and found it a good fit.
“It took us a bit of grunting and heaving to work my chub up him,” I went on, squirting some adhesive onto the back of the tile.
“As you know, I’m a bit on the big side down there.
” Rob nodded and chuckled enthusiastically.
“Once it was up there, though, and I’d worked it in and out a few times, I found that I loved doing it with another fella like that. Ritasssssss hot gay live cams.

Ritasssssss hot gay live cams.
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