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Drawn by erectile fascination he slid his hand around her front and down between the fork of her thighs.
Middle finger slipped past the thread of her thong as though it wasn’t there.
Her wetness seemed to suck him inside and suddenly he was plunged to the base knuckle inside her searing-hot cunt.
Oh my God … His eyes met hers in that moment.
Feels good, doesn’t it? said the wife of the guy next door.
‘Good’ hardly described it.
Intimate, clutching-wet and secret.
So wrong, so amazing.
He clutched between her legs, driving his finger deeper, feeling her spasm and gurgle around him.
What else do you want to put in there? All he knew in that moment was the bulging hardness of his cock and the tight wet place where he was going to put it.
Right here, right now in the pool he was going to do this thing.
He was going to fuck Janice Cooper.
Holy crap, he was going to fuck.
Instinct consumed him and he wrenched at the band of his shorts to free himself.
Hell, he could hardly undo the damned knot … If she hadn’t already been turned on to the point of delirium, Janice would have laughed at Brandon’s attempts to free his cock. Bitchyone4u porno video dla mobilnogo telefonu.
His thrusting digits had left her breathless and aching for more.
Clumsy as his assault on her body had been, it had also excited her to beyond rational thought.
She used the time he was fumbling with his shorts to gather her scattered sensibilities, reassess her next move.
Focus Janice, get your head together, it can’t happen like this.
Not here.
What if his snooping mother is home? She stifled a giggle as his enthusiasm got the better of him.
He shoved and kicked at his clinging shorts, lost his footing and toppled with a splash; seconds later his shorts popped to the surface, then sank as his head emerged.
Now that’s what I call raw enthusiasm.
Brandon did not seem to share her amusement.
His face loomed before her, flushed and intense.
He seemed to be wrestling inwardly again.
She could not believe it.
No, Mrs.
Cooper, that’s what I call nearly making the biggest mistake of my life.
He turned from her, pushed down on the side of the pool to hoist himself out of the water, flinching as his unmistakably hard cock brushed the side whilst he clambered up.
His wet clinging boxer shorts offered him little modesty as he strode toward the house, clearly defining the clenched muscles of his firm ass.
Janice climbed the ladder as fast as she could while maintaining her poise, then sauntered toward the house, reassuring herself.
It’s all okay.
There’s no rush.
He’s not going anywhere with his shorts at the bottom of the pool. Adultforyou m xxxvideo arhiv net.

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