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She joined me in about twenty minutes.
She looked at me with a very grateful smile as I leaned forward, poured her a snifter of brandy and handed it to her.
How is your sister, Klara? Klara took a long sip of brandy before she looked at me with an answer.
She is very sore and will be for possibly the rest of this week, just like I was all of last week.
She is also totally embarrassed because you had to watch this.
She was totally caught off guard by me deciding to spank her because I had never given any inclination of doing so.
But once she realized how hurt I was, I knew that I could not simply tell her that her apology was accepted.
She really needed that catharsis, the emotional release of a punishment spanking that you told me about.
She is going to be very glad that I took this action.
I told you, Uncle Chuck, last week that I hated getting that spanking from you.
For a while during that spanking I actually hated you.
I don’t believe that I quit being angry with you until on Sunday when I realized how relieved I felt. Cutelatinboy xxx adult aunty com.
I think that right now if my sister were awake she would be very pissed at me.
I am very certain though that tomorrow she is going to thank me for doing what I did.
At least I hope she does.
If she does not, then I am going to feel horrible.
I smiled and reached over to give Klara a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
I told her that I was certain that everything would be ok.
I reminded her that it was very obvious to me from Khrys’ submissive response to the spanking decision that Khrys realized it was what she needed.
We then talked about her last few weeks before returning to Europe.

She had gotten the job offer but had a couple more weeks at the company.
She was then planning on come to Chicago to stay with Khrys for about a week or so before heading back to Denmark.
She looked at me with a smile and told me that she had appreciated our conversation about the difference between punishment spankings and playful spankings.
She said that she had never ever considered the concept of the mental aspect of spankings.
She told me that she thought that both she and her sister owed me a lot.
She laughed as she told me that neither one of them liked my way of communicating with them when they had messed up.
But she went on to say that both of them realized that this type of communication’s intent was to help them become the women they wished to become.
I decided it was time to go.
I went in to double check on Khrys before I did so.
She stirred as I went into her bedroom and looked over at me. Ambar-fox free video sex chat no registration.

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