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Antigeisha haykakan vidio.
Could I really finger another guy up his hot, slimy ringpiece? Work my knuckle through the hole another dude‘s turds slide out of when he’s sitting on the crapper? I thought back to the times in the locker room when the smell of other ladsunderwear had got me turned on.
Had it just been their dick sweat, or had their bum odour also got me a bit horny? Maybe they had, now I thought of it.
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It had just never occurred to me that it had come from the backs of the other dudes’ sweaty shorts from where they’d been wedged crack-deep and rubbing against their hairy brown bullseyes.
“I reckon I could.
yeah!” I smirked back at him, taking up a rhythm of my own on my semi-limp dick.
“The back of a guy‘s briefs is even more horny than the front! His crackhair.
his bum-stink.
the smell of his hole with yer finger working it. Antigeisha haykakan vidio.

Antigeisha haykakan vidio.
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