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By the time school closed for Winter break, Anne decided the pervert’s run was finished.
Maybe he’d been caught, or maybe he’d ascended to new heights of perversion, and gluing the pages of library books together with his semen was no longer doing it for him.
Whatever the reason, he seemed to be gone.
For Christmas, Anne got the usual gift from her parents, a pile of books.
By the time she returned to school, many of them carried her personal scent.
She couldn‘t get the pervert out of her head.
She knew he was just some weird guy with a weird fetish, but she missed him.
Was that even possible, with someone who was pretty much a total stranger? She didn‘t think it was logical, but she couldn’t deny it. Kissesforyou local live web cam chat.
When school started again, Anne returned to the library.
Each day she would wander the stacks, thinking about the older man and his big hard cock.
Each day, she would touch herself secretly, and leave her juices in one of the books, like a calling card for him to find.
But for three weeks, there was no sign of the pervert.
Anne became depressed, thinking the closest thing she’d ever had to a boyfriend had just vanished.
It was the first week of February when he returned.
She spotted him sitting in the cafe speaking with a woman not much older than herself – maybe a grad student.
He may have been her professor.
The grad student seemed focused on showing him something on her laptop, but Anne saw the way that the pervert‘s eyes wandered from the computer to the student’s prominently sweatered chest. Comedozzzz chat online pantyhose.

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