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We were working together as if we were regulars at this.
It was a nice feeling and I enjoyed him doing me like this.
It was a different feeling altogether.
He had his own way of working his cock inside me.
It was nice.
I could not believe I was having such a wonderful time and all with strangers, basically.
I would never have thought I would be fucking these men if I saw them on the street.
My tits swung beneath me as he fucked me in a nice slow rhythm.
I always enjoyed that feeling.
On a couple of occasions, he slapped the cheeks of my ass with his open hand making a loud slap sound.
It didn’t hurt but added to the experience.
I didn’t mind him doing that and it seemed nobody took any notice.
Do you mind me doing that? He enquired.
I am liking everything you are doing.
You and I are pretty good at this.
I added.
He seemed happy with my response and slapped my ass again.
We completely absorbed in our lovely little doggy fuck.
Judy and her guy were together on a Futon nearby and I could see the two of them fucking and I thought, ‘this is amazing. 2gladtoseeyou chat with people online for free.
I love it.
‘ There was no privacy, everything was in the open.
Everybody seemed to be enjoying everything that they were doing.
Naked ecstasy.
It wasn‘t long before Alan came, and he withdrew.
I hadn’t cum with him.
I had now been fucked twice and felt I could go all night.
Once more I took the condom off him and placed it in the bowl beside each bed.
There were two in it already, so I had been his third fuck.
I assumed he should have lasted longer but I was happy.
He gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, I enjoyed that, and hope you are looking forward to being with me next time.
I am looking forward to it already.
I lied.
I was happy but not fulfilled.
An orgasm would have made a good fuck great.
Judy‘s guy was still going as I got up and she waved to me.
I went back to the bowl to see who was going to be my next conquest.
I hadn‘t realized how well organized and how enjoyable swinging was.
I drew another name out.
Even though we had been introduced to everybody, I had no idea of who was who.
As I was examining the name on the stick this older guy approached me and asked.
Who have you there? I looked at the stick and said.
And what’s your name? he asked.
“Pam,” I answered.
“Well, Pam you are about to enjoy what I have to offer you.
I am Alistair.
” We had been here for just over two hours.
This was my third fuck.
How many would I chalk up tonight?’ I wondered.
This was amazing.
I know now why Judy and Jan enjoyed being members.
I was really enjoying everything about swinging. Ellyanne www malayalisex web.

Ellyanne www malayalisex web.
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