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I could not believe the pleasure as she eased the huge strap-on into me, she fucked me for what felt like an hour before she was satisfied.
She asked if I would like to pleasure myself, now.
I was then allowed to take the panties off and jerk myself off into them.
I was then allowed to suck my cum through the lacy panties before we both drifted off to sleep.
I finally made it to the front door of the hospital.
I Had passed many people on the way to the door and really, most seemed more interested in their business than to stare at me.
My composure was starting to come back to me.
I thought to myself what my wife had said to me when I was in my hospital room ,my haven from the world.
She had said that people will NEVER know that I was once a man.
This obviously scared me to death,considering the fact that it sounded as if I had died.
In reality I hadn`t died as much as I had a new personality and a little different appearance.
AsI was walking and thinking I came to a mirrored corridor.
Looking at the person in the mirror ,I had to stop myself in my own mind`s tracks with that line of logic. Aleksalove adult camera.
I wasn`t Steve with a different outlook and a new nose job.
The image of me now reflecting in the mirror was of a very pretty girl, stylishly dressed from head to toe,with the face of an angel,and the long fluffy hair of a model.
There was no way that I could meet any of my friends and pick up where we left off.
There was no way that I would ever be of interest sexually to my wife or any of my many old girl friends.
No, I was not Steve with a little different outlook on life and a little different appearance.
Looking at the beautiful ,long legged woman with the pouty lips and bedroom eyes I finally realized my wife`s revenge.
It wasn`t that she was going to prevent me from having affairs as much as she was going to make me spend thirteen years creating a life as “Brittany“.
I was going to have to interact with other people at work now as “Brittany”.
I was going to have to shop for and have my car fixed as “Brittany”.
I was going to have to find friends as”Brittany”.
I was going to have interests and play any sports as “Brittany”.
Steve`s days of meeting interesting women out at bars and clubs and having wild sex with them were GONE.
Suddenly at that moment a thought hit me so hard that itmade me almost violently ill right there in that corridor.
So many passionate nights with my wife ,and yes lots of other girls are now only a memory. Emilhyfox sexvideo images.

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