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Thank you My Master.
I understand you behaved well on the flight, you have made me very proud my slut.
I knew Robert must have contacted my Master from that statement.
Thank you My Master.
Have you met with John yet? Yes Master, we have just said hello.
I wanted to send you the pictures before we left the airport.
Ok then, John knows what I require when you get to your hotel My slut.
You have made your Master very proud.
” He said again.
Thank you My Master, I miss you.
I miss you too.
He hung up.
Master is never one for long goodbyes.
I looked at Master John, He grinned and stood up.
Shall we? He said.
He picked up my bags and took my hand, and we walked out of the terminal.
I was grateful for the line of taxis outside the door, it was cold.
The wind whipped around us and under my coat, I shivered.
Master John looked at the taxis and led me over to one.
He opened the door and I slipped in onto the seat.
Master and the Driver put my bags in the boot and they both got in.
Our hotel was about 45 minutes away from the airport. Lollia93 www free privet lesbian com.
The driver was a young man in his mid-20’s had a handsome face still a little boyish.
He kept looking in his mirror at us and I grinned at him and winked.
Master John? I said loud enough for the driver to hear.
Yes my slut, what is it? I never got to clean your big huge cock after you fucked my arse.
May I clean it now? Of course you can my slut! He undid his jeans and let me release his cock it was semi hard.
He grabbed my hair and pushed my head down to his groin.
There you go slut, and don’t miss any of it either! Thank you Master John.
I said and licked his cock up and down the shaft.
Moaning as it got harder from my tongue.
See my slut, she loves cocks.
Master said to the driver.
I see that.
The driver said.
See the way she takes it in her mouth? He tilted my face a little, so the driver could see his cock half way in my mouth.
Don’t stop my slut; Master wants you to suck all of your ass juice off it! Mmmeff Mmmmmmaaffta She is the best slut you could wish for.
Master John said to the driver as he pushed my head down further onto his cock.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist The driver moaned a little and looked at what I was doing.
I ummm don’t think she should be doing that in here Sir.
The driver said.
She won’t spill a drop.
Will you my slut? I shook my head no.
Your cab will be fine if that’s what you’re worried about.
If you’re sure she won’t let any drip on the seat.
Master John started pumping my head up and down on his cock as it got harder in my mouth. Lesbonika totally free ohio sex chat.

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