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You’ve heard the old saying, “a hard cock has no conscious,” well, a horny pussy doesn’t either.
I really love my husband and I never set out to cheat on him with anyone that started my motor running, it just happens naturally.
Fortunately, he never found out about any of those encounters.
I need to confess my infidelities to someone, so here goes.
These confessions aren’t in any order; they’re simply in the order that they come to memory.
I woke up horny one morning and that’s when I knew something big had changed in my life.
I mean, I never wake up horny.
The bottom line is that my husband really has to work at it to turn me on when he wants sex, which is never more than once or twice a month. Natasharouge free porn chat sites.
I enjoy sex but I didn’t need sex the way most of my girlfriends did, once or twice a month was enough for me too.
Waking up horny was a very new experience for me.
Hell, I never even became horny unless my husband played with my nipples and clit.
It was cold and windy that Saturday morning in February.
Ralph had left the night before to spend the weekend at the lake, ice fishing with his buddies.
My husband’s name isn’t Ralph, but we’ll call him that.
I mean, he doesn’t read erotica but his friend do and I don’t want to risk having one of them see these confessions and tell him about my nine-month horny period.
No matter what I have done, I love him, I don’t want to hurt him, and I don’t want to lose him.
I laid there for a moment thinking that I would have jumped on him if he had still been home.
I would have attacked him, which would probably have given him cardiac arrest because it would have been so out of character for me. Qqwefsdfsdfsd broadcast my cam.

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