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I slid to the pillow position under the cover of the bed sheet spread on the bed and sat with a pillow behind my back resting my back on the pillow and the headboard, hoping that I looked more decent sitting with most of my body under the bed sheet than when I was walking.
I knew that my hubby was in a highly romantic mood and would certainly undress me in spite of the presence of the Colonel and Jyoti.
I did not want to be exposed, although I doubted my chances of success in that endeavor.
My hubby was next to go to the washroom.
He changed into a short not bothering either to wear the underwear nor the top.
So did the Colonel.
Colonel’s strong, long and muscular arms and shapely biceps caused ripples in my mind.
His hairy chest with bulge was filled with hard muscles.
Sunil came and slid by my side under the bed sheet, pushing me to the centre of the bed.
He lay on his back and also made me lie flat on my back on a bed.
Next was Jyoti.
The Colonel also gave her a nightgown that was not much different from mine. Lucianasexx video calling girl xxx asamis.
It was obvious that she did not wear anything underneath.
She walked to the bed and sat beside me.
Seeing both me and Sunil under the bed sheet, she also slid under it.
Finally, the Colonel came and sat at the other end next to his wife Jyoti.
He too covered himself under the bed sheet.
Jyoti looked straight into her husband’s eyes and then turned to look at me and said, Yesterday was the day of huge and risky adventure for you three.
You people suffered a lot and my darling was phenomenal as always.
Jyoti raised herself from under the sheet and kissed her husband lightly on lips and again lay resting on her back.
The bed sheet slipped off her chest.
I saw my husband gawking at her perky breasts and erect nipples which looked like hills under thin cloud cover.
The Colonel broke his silence and said, To be frank, I was not really the hero in our adventure yesterday.
I think really all the credit must go to Sunita without whose help and active support, we would perhaps have been dead now.
Am I right Sunil? Sunil raised his head up and looking over us two females, he said, Absolutely.
If she had not seduced that big bloody hulk, we would have been either dead or in jail in a foreign country.
She sacrificed her personal esteem and offered herself to that abominable gorilla.
Gosh! Did you seduce that big guy? Really? Jyoti exclaimed excitedly.
She rose up and bending over me, kissed my belly button through the gown.
She then lay on the bed, turned towards me resting sideways on her shoulder, arm and pelvis. Warlock13 sex chat with greek girls.

Warlock13 sex chat with greek girls.
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