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I was more excited about him fucking me than when I had my first fuck.
Missionary first, I see.
He commented.
“If you want it some other way I am happy,” I replied.
No, I think this will give us a chance to be reacquainted.
You are going to be my first student or ex-student that I have had the pleasure of being with.
He said with a smile.
I hope I can make it a pleasure for you.
It will be for me.
I said.
Let’s make every girl in that school envious,” he replied.
He crawled between my legs which I had raised, spread, and pulled back ready for him to access me.
I got up on my elbows to watch him enter me.
His cock was about seven inches long, quite thick, and circumcised.
I was wet and excited, it would go in easily.
He had a beautiful physique, and a firm hard body to match his cock.
My breasts were now firm, and my nipples hard, and red.
My vagina was moist and I was really ready for him.
I looked down over my breasts, tummy and between my spread-eagled legs and my thin strip of hair.
I had exposed everything for him. Hotkristal free sexy chat online latino webcame.
I shivered with the anticipation of him entering me.
I had been fucked many times before, but this was something I had dreamed about as had many of my previous school friends.
Then I felt the touch of his cock head press against my labia.
My eyes were glued to his cock.
I shivered with delight as I felt it part my lips and watched it slowly enter me.
The feeling of the thickness of his cock going in deeper and deeper was amazing.
I could feel it pushing its way up deep inside me.
How many times had we all talked about wanting Mr.
Digby to fuck us at school? I could not believe that all my dreams had finally come true.
I had been fucked many times before but never by a man I was so eager to fuck me.
It was also my first of many I hoped to enjoy at the club.
I breathed out as I had been subconsciously holding my breath in anticipation.
I could now relax and enjoy the feeling of his cock inside me.
He gently spread my legs and made me comfortable.
He had gently slid his cock as far up me as he could get it.
He had no more to offer me, I had the entire length and breadth of his cock inside me.
I could feel our pubic regions pressed against each other and his cock deep inside me.
Once he could go no further he stopped.
I looked up to see if there was a problem.
He was looking down at me with a look of complete satisfaction on his face.
Words could not describe what I was feeling.
If I had known how good this was going to be, we should have done this a year or so ago.
” He said as he smiled.
“I wish,” I said softly. 1johnterry1 www tamilsex livevideo com.

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