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I circled around behind her–my arms still tightly hugging the girl’s curvy body.
“Then what happens?” she whispered.
Then we fuck as hard as we can, as fast as we can, and you come like fifty times before I pull out and blow my load all over your stomach.
” As I spoke, I gave her both of her breasts a good firm squeeze.
“I think I’m gonna like this story,” she panted.
“Tell me more.
” I playfully nipped at her ear.
Maybe I should tell you in the car.
” RIA “But it’s closed,” Connor frowned, staring up at the dark, abandoned ice rink on the outskirts of town.
“So what? Let‘s sneak in.
It’ll be fun!” “Sneak in?” he looked uncertain.
“What, you can’t break the rules anymore now that you’re a cop?” “It’s not that.
” “Good, because I plan on breaking a lot of rules with you later tonight.
” He grinned.
“I can’t ice skate,” he laughed.
“Really? Mister ‘Varsity-letterman-everysportknown-to-man’ can‘t skate?” “Never even tried.
” I took his hand in mine.
“Me neither.
” Sneaking into the rink wasn‘t too tough.
It was outdoors and there was nobody around, so all we really had to do was climb over a little fence. Eva4ka cam 2 cam broadcast yourself.
Actually getting to the ice skates however, was a different story.
They were locked up inside a cage, but Connor did a trick with one of my hairpins and managed to get it open.
Where did you learn to do that?” I asked.
“When I was a teenager I was kind of a piece of shit,” he answered.
I laughed, feigning outrage.
“You’re telling me that my hunky policeman best friend has a secret criminal past?” “Technically, yes.
Though I wouldn‘t call my teenage self a ‘criminal’ so much as an ‘obnoxious little twat.
‘” “Fascinating.
You were the Judd Nelson type, then?” “Pshh, I wish.
How about you? You I bet you were like a Latina Molly Ringwald.
Queen bee cheerleading captain and all that.
” “I was more of a Michael Hall, actually.
Four straight years of four-point-ohs, motherfucker!” “No way.
” “Oh yeah.
Nerd-queen late bloomer.
Guys didn‘t even realize I had tits until I started working at Hooters in college.
Tracy gave me a pretty serious makeover, god bless her.
” “No cheerleading then?” “‘Fraid not.
” “Damn!” he cursed.
“So much for my million zillion fantasies of you in a pleated miniskirt waving your pompoms.
” “Hey, play your cards right and next Halloween I’ll dress up as a cheerleader.
A slutty cheerleader.
” Connor handed me a pair of skates in my size and we tiptoed out onto the ice rink–stumbling and staggering like a couple of toddlers learning to walk.
Connor held onto the wall, I held onto Connor, and together we made a few awkward laps around the circumference.
Okay, what do you say next time we really go for it?” Connor asked.
“All the way around the rink, no holding onto the wall. Alghen online free sexxxx.

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