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Yes, making you feel embarrassed was always part of it.
Then when over your lap I loved the close-up view of your stockings as you rubbed my bottom.
The spanking itself was always great.
My bottom would soon be stinging and when you spanked the backs of my legs I yelped out loud even though I was expecting it to hurt.
I loved the pain.
I thought I was doing you good so never held back.
Maybe I should have and thought about it more than I did? Oh don’t get me wrong.
I didn’t get in to trouble every day.
Getting spanked by you hurt, like a lot.
After a short pause Nikki added, Mind you, not as much as the cane.
Nikki blushed at the word cane.
Sally was surprised.
Don’t tell me you enjoyed being caned? Well yes actually and especially after a spanking.
I loved every stroke and as much as it hurt I always rushed to the toilets afterwards so I could see and feel all the red weal’s on my bottom.
The fact is I was so aroused by then I always masturbated afterwards.
So much for the cane being a deterrent then? Sally said cynically. Mia356sht exhibitionist online.
It was for most of them.
Lots of girls were caned once and never again.
Sally laughed.
So it did do its job then? Yes it did Sally.
For lots of girls.
I’m glad to hear it.
Anyway, so now you are out at work all of that is behind you then? Nikki smiled and said, Was that supposed to be a pun? Sally laughed.
Not intended I can assure you.
Nikki said seriously.
Actually, I still get spanked as do some of my friends from school.
Sally looked surprised.
How come? I was desperate after leaving school to get spanked again.
One day I opened up to my Mum and she agreed to spank me.
After that I asked her and she spanked me a couple of times each week.
I broached the cane and Mum agreed.
I bought a few canes and since then she has caned me regularly as well.
Sally asked, So you get spanked when you want to be? Nikki blushed.
Well I did have to agree my Mum could also spank me if I misbehaved.
After a moment Nikki continued, So I guess Mum spanks me when she decides a few times a month.
In private though, as you are 23 years old ? Nikki blushed deeper and said reluctantly.
Well no as a matter of fact.
Mum spanks me in front of anyone there at the time.
I suppose it is pretty much known by the whole family and my friends I still get spanked.
She’s pretty strict as well.
I remember your Mum.
She complained to me that you were spanked too often and I said it was as much her fault as yours.
She didn’t like that I know but discipline does need to start at home.
Mind you I didn’t know then that you engineered getting disciplined. Cutelyn www hendi sex vedio com.

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