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It was black with a purple star on it.
She grabbed for it, but it skittered out of reach.
She dove in after it, digging in the other balls.
Where was it?! She saw it again and grabbed it.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist She stood up and looked at it more closely.
She saw a seam running down the middle of it.
It must be hollow inside.
It didn‘t take her long to figure out that the two halves twisted apart.
Inside was another folded piece of paper with “Nora” written on the outside! She stuffed the paper into her purse and tossed the ball back into the pit and climbed out.
She decided to go back to her car before reading the note.
She didn’t want to have to try and explain what was going on.
Back in the car, she opened the note.
It read: Well done again, Nora.
As promised, here‘s another piece of the puzzle.
It’s another number: 999.
There‘s only one clue left.
This time I am going to give you a navigation problem.
Your next clue is exactly 5 miles North of the house and 2. Tsilana 16 17sex.
5 miles East.
You must arrive there at exactly 3:00 this afternoon.
Tell them you‘re there for a pick-up.
She looked at the clock on the dash.
It was only 11:45! She had to wait until 3:00? Her horniness, which had been kept at bay by her adventure so far had returned now as she thought about having to wait without anything to do or any prospect of relief.
She sighed to herself.
She thought at least she had plenty of time to figure out where she was going.
She drove home, and went inside.
Her bikini and shorts were still damp, and she took them off and tossed them in the laundry hamper.
She looked at herself in the full length mirror in the bedroomnude, except for the chastity belt.
Seeing it reminded her of the control Master had over here – even now in his absence.
That made her pussy tingle and she stamped her feet in frustration.
She decided to take a shower before getting dressed again.
When she was done, she put on a push-up bra – she figured with the belt she didn’t need to put on panties – a skirt (she was afraid pants would show the bulky belt underneath too readily) and a colorful silk blouse.
She took up her tablet and brought up the mapping application.
A pulsing blue dot hovered over their house.
She zoomed out a bit until the scale showed an area large enough to include the target location.
She put her finger up against the scale.
She figured that two knuckles worth of her index finger was 5 miles and used that to measure upwards on the map from the dot.
Her fingertip ended right at Franklin street. Dianakit online camda sex sohbet.

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