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Eyeshot4u free web sex with others.
There were some people around, one would no doubt get up and walk past our aisle for snacks or a run to the restroom and maybe see.
I could never say no to Roy though, it just wasn‘t possible.
His sexy, breathy voice never failed to drive me wild.
We resumed kissing each other passionately and with total abandon.
I reached my hand over to his crotch and felt his rock hard cock through his jeans.
I wanted to stroke it so badly, but was afraid I’d be seen.
Roy however had no such reservations and I felt his hand starting to creep up my skirt and up my thigh.
I could feel him push my thighs apart as he inched his way up with his fingers.
I was so turned on feeling his fingertips start to graze my pussy lips through my panties, which needless to say were beginning to get very damp.
Someone walked past the aisle, but we were in the middle of it and no one even looked.
I’m sure the ones in the rows behind saw our silhouettes kissing, but they couldn’t see where his hand was.
I could feel his breath on my neck as he kissed me and teased me through my panties. Mvaldenor situs live webcam sex.
I couldn‘t stand it, I bucked my hips forward so he could ease my panties off to the side a bit so I could feel skin against skin.
I wrapped my arms around him and felt his fingers slide between my dripping wet pussy lips.
It felt so good, no one could tease my pussy like Roy could.
My clit was all stiff and swollen and begging for his touch.
I loved being his cougar slut, my pussy belonging only to him.
I was starting to breathe heavier and kissing him harder as he fingered me more and more, circling my clit with his middle finger as I bucked towards him slightly.
“Oh no you don’t, you’re not allowed to cum yet,” he whispered smiling as he eased off his pace.
He continued with this stopping and starting for the entire length of the movie with his hand between my legs teasing me, not allowing me to cum.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist My breathing slowed back down as he so gently caressed me I could barely feel it, going crazy with him wanting to quicken up his pace, I so desperately wanted to cum for him.
I’m normally loud when I cum, but I knew I had to be quiet since we were surrounded by people.
We were kissing so hard and deeply, I was just dripping and Roy continued to tease my stiffened clit.
All I could think of was when we’d get back to my place and he’d fuck me all night long, but obviously he was determined to make this a night to remember and make me cum in a room full of people first. Eyeshot4u free web sex with others.

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