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After what seemed forever Aunt Angela stopped spanking and rubbed Todd’s bottom also running her hand down the back of his legs.
Todd liked the feeling and edged his legs apart to see if she would rub the inside of his thighs.
Aunt Angela responded but not with rubs.
Keep your legs apart, she snapped and started to spank the backs of his legs as hard as she had spanked his bottom.
Aunt Angela and Claire were discussing the spanking but Todd wasn’t following all that well as the stinging pain was dulling his ability to hear.
However did make out Claire giggling so knew she was enjoying the spectacle.
Todd did glance at Aunt Angela’s legs and sideways at Claire’s and knew his penis was still erect.
How or why he wasn’t quite sure, but although painful he still loved the idea of being across a woman’s lap, under her control, being disciplined.
After what seemed forever Aunt Angela stopped spanking his bottom and legs but they still stung.
Todd wondered if his spanking was over.
His unspoken question was answered when Aunt Angela said, Claire, my hand hurts a bit now. Tommyhammer pornici online.
Theirs a slipper on the table, can you pass it to me please.
Claire walked over and picked up the slipper handing it to her Aunt.
Todd gasped as his bottom was stinging and wondered how much more the slipper would hurt him but then thought about how long he had wanted to be spanked and here he was experiencing that very dream.
He settled down, looking at the floor, still wondering how much the slipper will hurt.
He didn’t have long to wait.
Aunt Angela slapped the slipper down on Todd’s bottom lightly, and asked, Ready Todd? Yes, Todd replied still looking at the floor.
Next second the room was filled with the loud slap of the leather sole of the slipper hitting Todd’s bare bottom.
Todd gasped.
Claire smiled thinking how much fun that looked, at least for her Aunt as she was sure Todd was struggling with the constant spanks from the slipper.
The sound of leather on bare bottom resounded around the room time and again as Todd kicked his legs and squirmed around more earnestly as his bottom stung more and more.
Before long both his trousers and underpants had been shaken off by his kicking legs and lay in a heap on the floor.
Todd cried out as his bottom stung.
Aunt Angela said sternly, Yes Todd, it’s supposed to hurt and although my hand hurts that’s no reason to stop spanking you, not when my slipper is close to hand.
Todd looked sideways and saw Claire’s bare legs so close to him as he lay across Aunt Angela’s lap, then looked at the back of Aunt Angela’s legs, then under the chair to see his own legs dangling on the other side. Fetishfantasy sex video chat china.

Fetishfantasy sex video chat china.
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